In Addition to web-hosting we offer flexible e-mail service.

Why should you consider a new e-mail address?
1) Eliminate Unwanted Advertising -
NO popups, NO banners, NO appending to your messages while using our E-Mail system.
2) Minimize SPAM - Some of the biggest targets of spammers are large services, aol, yahoo, cox, hotmail, etc... We have the latest in anti-spam technology, but more importantly, we are small and fly under the spammers radar!
3) Never Have to Change Your Address - Most people use their ISP e-mail account. When they move or change providers they lose their address.
4) Convenient Access to Your Mail From Anywhere - Some providers only provide pop3 mailboxes, we provide 3 webmail interfaces in ADDITION to your pop3 mailbox.
5) Remove Advertising From Your Address - What does .aol or .cox mean to you? Nothing, it is free advertising for the provider!

You Do Not Have To Settle For Less, You Have a Choice:
1) A mail address you want - More available mail names than the big services.
2) Automatic Forwarding is Available to any Other Address
3) Have a mailbox you can access from home, on the road, or in the office.
4) Combine pop3 mail client usage with webmail access, use both for the same mailbox!
5) Three different webmail clients
6) As many different addresses as you need - One for business, One for pleasure, One for retailers, One for creditors, etc...

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