This E-Mail service provides great flexibility, and solid E-Mail service you can count on wherever you are. This offering allows you to operate E-Mail completely independent of, or in conjuction with other E-Mail services. All that is required is a connection to the internet.
You have the option of using a POP3 compliant mail client and/or web mail access from any browser.
This powerful combination allows you to retrieve mail from a single mailbox at home, or any location on the road with an internet connection. This flexible solution does not limit you to just a POP account as many services do. Combined with our E-Mail forwarding accounts, you can cover just about any E-Mail needs you might have.

Here is how it works:
Inbound mail reaches our server and is placed in your inbox. You can now download the message(s) via any pop3 compliant e-mail client (Netscape, Outlook, etc) and/or utilize one of our web mail clients to read, reply to, forward or delete the message.

E-Mailbox POP Diagram

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