Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What are the .cc and .bz domain names?
A: These are Top Level Domain (TLD) names and function exactly like a .com address. We like to think of the CC as .com!

Q: What if the e-mail name I want is already taken?
A: You can try one of our other domain names, we have If is taken already, try or

Q: Can forwarding accounts be combined with mailboxes?
A: Yes, you can have mail forwarded and retained in the mailbox on the server, but it requires two separate accounts.

Q: Can I have incoming mail forwarded to two places?
A: Yes, e-mail can be forwarded to two or more addresses, but it may require more accounts.

Q: Why are there additional charges for space and/or forwarders?
A: We are charged by the megabyte for disk space and data transmission. We are managing costs carefully to keep fees low for everyone.

Q: Is there a limit on mailbox size?
A: Yes, mailboxes are currently limited to 2meg per mailbox. Larger mailboxes are available.

Q: What is sub-domain hosting? A: A sub-domain allows you to share a great TLD (Top Level Domain) name like
Technically they are called Canonical Domains or c-names for short. For example, "". The "realestate." in front of "" is a sub domain. It works the same as a regular domain name. Sub domain names can be anything you want. Sub Domains are like having your own domain name but with out the higher price and with out the domain registration fees. You may also have your sub domain forward to a different web site of your choice. There are no limits to how many sub domains or sub domain forwarding addresses you may have, order as many as you like.

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