Rock Solid Reliability:

Our servers are located in a professionally managed network operations center. This center meets our stringent requirements for a secure and robust data center and network infrastructure. This high level of professionalism and attention to detail translates into superior levels of availability and better service for our customers.

Network Features:

Redundant high speed network connections. Our network is designed so that no single point of failure will affect your service. We also have redundant high speed internet links with five different commercial backbone carriers including Sprint and Qwest.

Data Center Features:

Physically secure facility

Entry into the facility is controlled thru biometric (fingerprint access) scanning combined with pass card/pin technology for dual identity verification prior to access being granted. There is 24 hour monitoring of the facility by security personnel utilizing a combination of video and motion/vibration detection equipment. Our servers are additionally secured in their own locking computer cabinets inside the facility.

Power Contingencies

We have redundant, uninterruptable power system and backup generator to deliver seamless power. In the event of a commercial power failure, our isolated UPS system will provide immediate backup power until our diesel generators take over the load and continue operation of the center.

Controlled Environmental Conditions

Redundant temperature and humidity controls to maintain the optimal operating atmosphere. Redundant HVAC system keeps the average temperature in the Data Center at 70 degrees Farenheit, ensuring a consistent operating atmosphere for our servers.

Fire Control Systems

State of the art double interlock fire suppression system monitors for smoke, heat and temperature. Only two corroborating sensors will trigger the system.

Disaster Planning:

We maintain multiple data centers in geographically dispersed areas to allow swift recovery in the event of a catastrophic event at our main location.

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