Advanced User Setup Instructions:

1) Use POP3 configuration option.
2) Set incoming server to yourdomain.???
3) Set outgoing server to yourdomain.???*
4) Set username to a fully qualified name i.e. yourname@yourdomain.???
5) You must have POP authentication enabled on your client
6) Your firewall must pass IP port 25
7) Your firewall must pass POP authentication on IP port 113
8) Your firewall must pass IP Port 2095 for webmail
9) Your firewall must pass IP Port 2096 for secured webmail

*NOTE: some ISP’s do not allow port 25 snmp traffic to outside mail services. In those instances you must use your ISP mail server for outbound mail. As of this writing some of the ISP’s that are known to restrict this are: MSN, Earthlink/Mindspring, RCN, Cox, and If you are unsure if this may be the case with your ISP, you should check the support documents at your ISP's web site or call them to verify whether they allow this. Typically this will be referred to as 'port 25 blocking' or 'port 25 filtering'.

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