Setup Instructions for Microsoft Outlook V6.0:

Start Outlook or Outlook Express. Click Tools and choose Accounts.

In the "Internet Accounts Windows" select the Mail tab, click Add and choose Mail.

Substitute YourName below with the name you would like to appear in outgoing messages and click next>

For the internet e-mail address, substitute your chosen e-mail address for yourname and our city domain name for yourdomain (for example: and click next>

For the e-mail server names substitute our city domain name (for example: for yourdomain as the incoming server.  Do the same for the outgoing server*   (NOTE: some ISP’s do not allow port 25 snmp traffic to outside mail services.  In those instances you must use your ISP mail server for outbound mail.   As of this writing some of the ISP’s that are known to restrict this are: MSN, Earthlink/Mindspring, RCN, Cox, and   If you are not sure of your ISP's policy regarding this, you should check the support documents at your ISP's web site or call them.    Typically this will be referenced as 'port 25 blocking' or 'port 25 filtering'.  This does not mean you cannot use our service, it simply means you must configure your outbound mail to relay thru the ISP server.

For the Account name you must use a fully qualified name yourname@yourdomain (example  The remember password box check is optional.  The Secure Password Authentication (SPA) box MUST be checked to access our servers.

Click the Finish button.

Click the Close button.

A good practice is to send yourself a test message.  It will be sent to our server and then sent right back to you.   It is a good way to test the outbound and inbound functions with one message.   If you get the test message, you are ready to go!   If you encounter problems look to the troubleshooting section for more information.

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