How to read your mail via the web:

IMPORTANT:It is required that your firewall will pass IP port 2095 for webmail access or IP Port 2096 for secured webmail access!

To access mail via a web browser, go to:

http://www.yourdomain.???:2095 OR
Substitute our city domain name for yourdomain.??? above (for example:

A Dialog Box will appear asking for your username:
Enter your fully qualified name: yourname@yourdomain.???
Enter your password

Select the webmail client of your choosing.
At this time we offer neomail, horde, and squirrelmail.
Note: If you wish to use SSL mail the link appears at the bottom of this page.

This is an example of the neomail program, it is simple and straightforward.

This is an example of the horde webmail interface. Note it has a calendar,tasks and memo functions built in.

This is an example of the squirrelmail webmail client:

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